Blowpipe activity : Carrefour Market in Vouziers, 28th March 2015

Inflatable football pitch : Carrefour Market in Vouziers, Saturday 21 march

Climb tower during neighbours' day in Fumay !

APSCA in action in Bazeilles !

On 12th and 13th october, APSCA answered at the Comité Départemental Olympique et Sportif request and animated the olympic village implemented for this event. Five educators worked during the weekend on the stand and on activities, in compagny of the association's president Mme TEDESCHI as well as the treasurer Mr LIBOTTE. Visitors enjoyed our climb tower, our pedals go-karts, boomball and circus arts !

Bairon's multifunctional room inauguration,

 23th october 2019

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