L'APSCA: sports and cultural association for 25 years

APSCA : sport and cultural association since 25 years

Created on May 12, 1995, the APSCA adheres to the "Profession Sport" system led by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, in favor of employment in the sports field. It thus promotes the creation of full or part-time jobs in the sports, culture and leisure sectors. More than 150 employees have worked and been trained by the APSCA

As a service provider, its activity consists in recruiting qualified educators and making them available (for a fee, but not for profit) in various structures: sports or leisure associations, local communities, works councils, establishments public, retirement homes, collective reception centers for minors, schools and others.

Our strong points ?

  • 1. Skills

    Graduated and multi-skilled educators

  • 2. Flexibility

    Activities appropriate to every age and motricity

  • 3. Logistics

    Tangible heritage developed to animate and to diversify our activities

  • 4. Availability

    For one hour, one day, one week and more !

  • 5. Potential

    A wide range of activities available