Living environment for a worry-free BAFA

The Agricultural High School of Rethel

Concerned about the quality of its training, APSCA offers and advises its trainees to stay in boarding school. Meals in the morning, noon and evening are provided.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Contrary to popular belief, becoming a facilitator is much less easy than you might think. And when you think about it, a fortnight of training to acquire and put into practice the regulations, the working method, the instructions in case of emergency and the basics of animation, it can be short if you do not know not involve 100%.

This is why the APSCA places its trainees in a situation of partial isolation from the outside world: no television or accessible internet connection.

Boarding accommodation allows trainees to share moments outside of theoretical intervention times. It also allows them to fully invest in the preparation of their activities and evenings. Their work and the experience they get from it at the end of the training is all the better.

Trust us, the adventure and the conclusions at the end of the training are very meaningful for our trainees!